What We Make Every Effort Not to Know.




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Some years ago, I notified my church that Patty and I would be moving to another city, and that we would need to change out church membership.  Innocuous enough, I suppose, but what followed was interesting.

We received a survey in the mail from an independent company which was masquarading as a piece for the church to use in determing why church members were leaving.

It was fascinating.  All of the questions required positive responses.  There was no way to say, for an example, that the kneeling benches were breaking our knees or that the church made no regular conscious effort to get all new and existing members involved in something more than showing up for a Sunday service.

The study was programmed to prevent criticism and suggestions as to what it might do better.

A lot of businesses work that way, too.  Their business plan and customer service is primarily directed toward the benefit of the company, not the public.

And in many cases, that unfortunate behavior is directly proportionate to the size of the potential base.

The smaller the town, the more the merchant must pay attention.  One unsatisfied customer can reak havoc on the business as he 1) doesn't continue to use that merchant's services and 2) tells a lot of his friends about his experience.

In the  big cities, the plumbers and doctors and yardmen and ministers and Realtors don't have to as conscientious  about satisfying their customers because even though they lose more than an acceptable amount, there are always enough new people coming into the fold who know nothing about them, and who will fill the gap -- even if only once.

That's phenomena is one of the most important components of developing and protecting the preciousness of our sphere of influence, irrespective of the size of the city and area we serve.



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